Thursday, March 13, 2008


Congratulations to my brother-in-law, Pete, who made it to the final round of Jeopardy at the Mall of America last weekend, when the Jeopardy Brain Bus rolled into town looking for contestants. His name now goes on file with those of the other finalists from Minneapolis and everywhere else try-outs are being held. Pete was told that he has a shot at being called up for the TV show anytime in the next eighteen months. He’s down-playing the whole thing, which is characteristic of him; but I am hoping he gets the call, wins big, retires early, travels everywhere and invites me to visit him.

I do not know if the word rhinotillexis was a part of my brother-in-law’s try-out, but I have been told that this is one of Ken Jennings’ questions: “What pastime is technically termed rhinotillexis?” In these days of the internet, the answer to the question is easily found: What is nose-picking?

At first I was not sure why I was provided with Ken Jennings’ question about rhinotillexis and this picture of Pete in the same e-mail from my sister, but I assumed there was a reason. After thoroughly scrutinizing the photo, I think I have figured it out. I now wonder where the future Ken Jennings is hiding his index finger.

Just kidding, of course! Bravo, Pete!


pete said...

Thanks, Sue. I haven't watched Jeopardy on television more than five times in the past two years. Now my wife and daughter are RECORDING episodes of J for me to watch and practice. So I tried an episode this afternoon, and - I apparently suck at this. The people on the show are scary smart with the trivia. But, it would be fun to have the chance to be on the show. Who knows? I heard that even if you take 3rd place, you get a thousand bucks - enough for travel expenses. And a good story to tell around the campfire!

Emilia said...

If anyone out there enjoys trivia and doesn't mind feeling a little stupid when they can't do it, make sure you sign up for Ken Jennings' Tuesday Trivia e-mail (this is where I got the rhinotillexis question). Seven HARD questions a week, and the giddy feeling of getting an e-mail from Ken Jennings. I recommend it. Just go to and enter your e-mail in the red box.